Homes R Us Realty and Property Management Inc.

Since 2002, we have served Northwest suburb of Chicago.


Why Homes R Us Realty?

Homes R Us Realty is a full service property management firm founded in 2002. We offer a full range of operational, administrative, and financial management solutions, and we specialize in managing apartments, condominium units and associations, small commercial estates, town houses, and single-family homes.

Homes R Us Realty built our business by consistently helping buyers and sellers make informed decisions to maximize returns on their investments. We work hard so that our clients and residents come to expect a high level of professionalism and customer service.

We ensure your property retains as much value as the market dictates by:

  • Seeking qualified vendors who are carefully screened.
  • Analyzing your personal budget in order to maximize your investment’s potential.
  • Rapidly achieving customer satisfaction through our multiple response teams.

At Homes R Us Realty, we take pride in exceeding your expectations by offering you the personal care and professionalism of a large corporate enterprise. Our communities know we care deeply about their wellbeing, our investors believe in our ethical practices, and we still remain competitive as one of the top management firms in the Chicago Northwest.